Scaramucci is Out, And That’s A Good Thing

President Trump made a smart move by following the advice of his new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and cutting himself lose from Anthony Scaramucci and his unneeded baggage.

Scaramucci became Trump’s White House Communication Director ten days ago as the Trump White House struggled to re-brand itself after being tarnished by the Russia investigation and numerous leaks coming from within. With no political or communications experience, Scaramucci was the ultimate outsider who many saw as a mini-me of Donald Trump, even perfectly copying his body language during his first press conference.

Scaramucci made a few good reforms by announcing the White House would hold on-camera briefings again and waging a war against the leaks that were undermining the White House. But Scaramucci’s hire was also birthed in controversy as almost all of Trump’s top staff (Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and White House Strategist Steve Bannon) all opposed his hire. And right after Scaramucci was appointed, Spicer resigned as Press Secretary, triggering an exodus of staffers from the White House.

It was here that Scaramucci immediately went off the hook. First, he went after Assistant Press Secretary Michael Short by pressuring him to resign and Short immediately did. Then, Scaramucci threatened the whole White House Communications team and warned that he would fire them all unless he found out who the leak was. He also immediately revealed his insatiable appetite for attention by appearing on every single TV channel and doing every interview that he could.

Then came July 26th. To kick the day off, Scaramucci freaked out by claiming that his public disclosure forms were “leaked” to the press, although it later turns out they were available online. In response, Scaramucci tweeted that the FBI should investigate and made the strange choice to tag Reince Priebus. Scaramucci deleted the tweet later and claimed he wasn’t accusing Reince Priebus of leaking anything. But later that day, after the media learned about a dinner Scaramucci was having with Trump, he again accused Priebus of leaking.

Scaramucci then made a late-night phone call to The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza where he unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against Steve Bannon and Priebus, calling them names I will not repeat on this site. That night and the next day, the media exploded with the shocking report of his remarks and Scaramucci made a weak attempt at an apology, claiming he would refrain in the future from using such “colorful” language but would never stop defending President Trump’s agenda.

Scaramucci continued to accuse Reince Priebus  who eventually resigned from his position on July 28 and current Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was appointed his successor by Trump via Twitter. As if stuff wasn’t already crazy enough, on July 29, Page Six revealed that Scaramucci’s second wife, Deidre,  was divorcing him in a process that started three weeks ago, even as she was pregnant with his second child. According to Page Six, when Deidre went into labor, Scaramucci just texted her “congratulations” and continued with his Trump tour, not even coming home to see his newborn son until a few days later.

And finally today, after his first day on the job, John Kelly put the bug in Trump’s ear to fire Scaramucci from his White House Communications position. Now, Scaramucci may actually still have a job in the White House with another capacity  but I believe that is highly unlikely. Some of Trump’s critics may claim this is very disloyal and “backstabbing” of our President to fire Scaramucci, but unlike Jeff Sessions, I am very skeptical about Scaramucci being a true Trump ally.

In the beginning, Scaramucci didn’t even support Trump and criticized him on Twitter. However after Trump began to win, Scaramucci switched sides and began supporting him. Now, Scaramucci has deleted all his anti-Trump tweets and has attempted to put that past behind him, as any good political opportunist would. But Scaramucci’s “loyalty” to Trump is only matched by his massive ego and insatiable narcissism. He didn’t help reshape the Trump White House like I and others hoped he would. Instead, he injected even more strife, angst, and controversy into an already chaotic environment.

Trump himself seems be aware of this, trying to snuff these rumors out by tweeting there was no chaos in his White House. Although Trump clearly isn’t right at the moment, hopefully he is right about the future of Trump’s administration. Trump and his staff have a full plate when it comes to our nation’s domestic and foreign politics and they don’t need this House of Cards drama now or ever. The sooner Scaramucci is completely cut out of the White House and order is restored, the sooner Trump can really get to work on making America great again.

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