What Diversity Really Means For the Left

“Diversity” has become the new motto of progressive and left-wing politics in America. But what exactly does “diversity” mean to the Left? Diversity, to them, means a diversity in racial groups, a diversity in culture, a diversity of behavior, and a diversity in gender. But not a diversity of opinions.

Most of the recent diversity initiatives are reactions to the rise of right-wing populism and have been championed by Hollywood, the tech industry, the Democratic Party, LGBT activists, and feminists. But while the Left seemingly celebrates “diversity” by declaring we are “Stronger Together,” it turns out that the Left’s version of diversity is actually selective diversity, which really isn’t diversity at all.

Selective Diversity is when you embrace certain characteristics of diverse groups while rejecting others and discriminating against them. This is the major problem I have with any of these movements calling for more diversity when in reality, they want diversity without the diversity of thought. This is greatly concerning because the diversity of thought and opinion are one of the oldest foundations of American politics. Before our nation even freed its slaves or allowed women to vote, we created the First Amendment which guaranteed the freedom of expression, speech, and press.

Yet while modern social justice activists have championed diversity in almost every other area of our lives, this is the one area that they have actually tried to suppress. Right-wing bloggers, websites, and news organizations are constantly derided by the mainstream media and their authors are always being harassed by an aggressive liberal activist mob for their opinions. They may have unpopular opinions and some may even cross the line into really fake news or sensational reporting but while liberals savaging grill them for it, they turn a blind eye to liberal media sites that engage in the same kind of violent, hateful, and fake news rhetoric, the only difference being their spin is left, not right.

An even more extreme version of this is unfolding across college campuses in the United States as discussion and dialogue are lynched in favor of group-think. Progressives do not just detest conservative or right wing groups, they don’t even want to engage them or hear what they have to say. When Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter both were invited on two separate occasions to UC-Berkley by College Republicans, left-wing protesters from all over the nation showed up to riot. Certainly, they were welcome to protest controversial individuals that showed up at their campus but they weren’t there to just express their opinion, they were there to threaten violence against anyone who showed up and even began to physically attack the Trump supporters that showed up.

Or we could look at the most recent controversy where Google fired one of their employees, James Damore, for penning a manifesto that suggested women weren’t able to work in the tech sector. Damore has quickly become a martyr for the far-right as well as a target of hatred for feminists and progressives. Google’s decision to fire him was based on the fact that his manifesto went against the ideals of their company and their company’s diversity policies. If Damore had publicly released that manifesto, I believe he would be fair game as saying controversial things does generate bad press for your employer.

But Damore’s manifesto was simply sent to his colleagues in Google and the outrage only erupted after it was leaked (what is it with liberals and leaks?) to the press by someone who was offended by it. Google has said they welcomed controversial debates among their employees and even first hinted that the manifesto was fair game but after mob-like progressives jumped on them, they decided to instead fire Damore for expressing an unpopular opinion.

It is these kinds of behavior that reveal the true progressive dream for America and the world. They want all cultures, races, religions, and genders to live together in equal society where no one can express an unpopular opinion or believe in something that society hasn’t accepted. Basically, they want us to be a giant diverse but submissive army of sheep. This is why liberals are so dedicated to taking away our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves and eliminating our avenues of expression and speech.

I, for one, believe diversity is good. Our nation was never supposed to be a specific race. Yes, there’s the misnomer that real Americans are “White Anglo Saxon Protestants” but that simply isn’t true. That’s why America has always been a nation of immigrants and must continue to be. Because unlike European nations who draw their identity from a language, culture, and ethnic groups like the French, German, or Italian, Americans draw our identity from our principles, our belief in the American Dream, and our dedication to maintaining a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

This doesn’t means Americans should never criticize a group or opinion they don’t agree with and there are ideologies out there that must be consistently condemned. But while disagreeing is one thing, shutting down and threatening violence against someone or something is wrong and un-American. So let’s embrace our nation’s diversity, not exploit it for the purpose of fomenting division and class warfare or as a cover for enforcing our own beliefs onto the rest of society. Because remember: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Unity doesn’t mean we all must agree but that we must agree to accept our disagreements.

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