About the Homeland Pundit

The Homeland Pundit provides a fresh conservative perspective on events happening all around the world and within the United States. The Homeland Pundit was originally founded in 2017 by a US college student who was fed up with all the liberal bias in the mainstream media and a deficit in well-written conservative blogs. This student, who often writes under the pen name, “PC Tacitus”, created the Homeland Pundit as a site for conservatives and anyone to go to and get an alternative and fresh perspective on political and social events that are often warped and twisted by the slant given by established media organizations like CNN, MSNBC, or the HuffPost.

About the Author

“PC Tacitus” is the pen name for the author of the Homeland Pundit and is derived from the ancient Roman writer and politician, Publius Tacitus. You can follow “PC Tacitus” on Twitter at @PCTacitus