Just How Much of a Threat is North Korea?

Does North Korea’s flamboyant dictator really want to begin a nuclear war with the United States? I don’t believe so. Not now, not today, and not ever. Now that being said, the most recent threats by North Korea to attack the US island of Guam are unsettling, coupled with the recent intelligence revelations that suggest […]

The G20 Summit Was A Stunning Success for President Trump

President Trump’s performance at this year’s G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany was certainly a win for him and he did a much more superior job representing America’s interests than the previous administration did for the past eight years. Often times, pundits erroneously claim that “America First” hurts the international community and represents an American withdrawal […]

Trump Is In a Lions’ Den of Flattery at the G20 Summit

It is doubtful that Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron, and other key world leaders have gotten over their disappointment after Trump decided to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. But if you watch their exchanges and behavior with President Trump during the G20 summit today, it would seem like they completely […]

Trump Shouldn’t Undo the Progress Obama Made on Cuba

America needs a new approach to Cuba, plain and simple. President Obama was on the right track when he began the process of normalizing relations with Castro’s regime while lifting some of the travel and trade restrictions put in place by the previous Bush Administration. However, President Trump has taken some small steps towards undoing […]