Desperate Democrats Indicate Support for Pro-Life Candidates in 2018

The DCCC, the Democrats’ Congressional fundraising arm, made waves after they said that they wouldn’t be withholding funds from Democrat candidates who were pro-life in 2018 and wouldn’t be applying a “litmus” test that ensure these candidates abide by the 2016 Democratic Party platform which claimed abortion is a right. Pro-life movements in the Democratic Party […]

Scaramucci is Out, And That’s A Good Thing

President Trump made a smart move by following the advice of his new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and cutting himself lose from Anthony Scaramucci and his unneeded baggage. Scaramucci became Trump’s White House Communication Director ten days ago as the Trump White House struggled to re-brand itself after being tarnished by the Russia investigation […]

Why Scrapping the Senate Filibuster Option Would Be A Bad Idea

In the recent days and especially today, an ancient practice of the US Senate known as “filibustering” has come under attack by President Trump on Twitter, blaming it for the lack of progress and success of his administration. And he isn’t exactly alone in doing so. The “filibuster” has never been popular with the ruling party […]

Trump Needs to Stop His Twitter Tirades Against Jeff Sessions

I have often restrained my criticism of President Trump, saying little or nothing about his past trespasses because I believe he already receives more than enough at the hands of our mainstream media. However, there are some things that cannot go answered and President Trump’s treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one. From day […]

Trump’s White House is Suffering from a Major Communications Problem

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Washington Post, and The New York Times have become like vultures, feeding on the carcass of the White House’s failed communication strategy and branding efforts. Since day one, the White House has been embroiled in scandal, both real and artificial. However, it’s not so much the scandals themselves that have damaged President Trump’s White […]