What Diversity Really Means For the Left

“Diversity” has become the new motto of progressive and left-wing politics in America. But what exactly does “diversity” mean to the Left? Diversity, to them, means a diversity in racial groups, a diversity in culture, a diversity of behavior, and a diversity in gender. But not a diversity of opinions. Most of the recent diversity […]

Just How Much of a Threat is North Korea?

Does North Korea’s flamboyant dictator really want to begin a nuclear war with the United States? I don’t believe so. Not now, not today, and not ever. Now that being said, the most recent threats by North Korea to attack the US island of Guam are unsettling, coupled with the recent intelligence revelations that suggest […]

Congress Once Again Proves They’re the Opposite of Progress

At every rally, on every flier, and in every speech for the past seven years, Republican railed against the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare). Now, Republicans control the House of Representatives, they control the Senate, and they even have a President in the White House who is waiting, pen in hand, to sign a repeal […]

Desperate Democrats Indicate Support for Pro-Life Candidates in 2018

The DCCC, the Democrats’ Congressional fundraising arm, made waves after they said that they wouldn’t be withholding funds from Democrat candidates who were pro-life in 2018 and wouldn’t be applying a “litmus” test that ensure these candidates abide by the 2016 Democratic Party platform which claimed abortion is a right. Pro-life movements in the Democratic Party […]

Scaramucci is Out, And That’s A Good Thing

President Trump made a smart move by following the advice of his new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and cutting himself lose from Anthony Scaramucci and his unneeded baggage. Scaramucci became Trump’s White House Communication Director ten days ago as the Trump White House struggled to re-brand itself after being tarnished by the Russia investigation […]

Why Scrapping the Senate Filibuster Option Would Be A Bad Idea

In the recent days and especially today, an ancient practice of the US Senate known as “filibustering” has come under attack by President Trump on Twitter, blaming it for the lack of progress and success of his administration. And he isn’t exactly alone in doing so. The “filibuster” has never been popular with the ruling party […]