Dear Senate GOP, Don’t Derail Obamacare Repeal for the Sake of a “Perfect Deal”

During a meeting with the nation’s governors, Trump quipped, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” And he was right about the complicated part. Ever since the Democrats crafted the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) in 2010, Republicans have been gunning to repeal it with “Repeal Obamacare” serving as their battle cry. Of course, […]

Why Trump’s Gambit to Intimidate Comey Didn’t Work

I do not profess to have access to the internal machinations of the mind of The Donald, but if he was trying to intimidate James Comey by claiming he had tapes, it didn’t work. Trump is known for making unsubstantiated comments, whether it was threatening to “spill beans” on Heidi Cruz during the campaign or […]

Yesterday’s Special Election Proves Democrats Haven’t Learned Anything from 2016

Fighting President Trump and Congressional Republicans at every turn, the liberal main stream media and Democrats both looked to this year’s special elections with the vain hope that they would boost their support and validate their obstructionist efforts. That hope however has been blown to smithereens as yesterday in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, making history […]

Trump Shouldn’t Undo the Progress Obama Made on Cuba

America needs a new approach to Cuba, plain and simple. President Obama was on the right track when he began the process of normalizing relations with Castro’s regime while lifting some of the travel and trade restrictions put in place by the previous Bush Administration. However, President Trump has taken some small steps towards undoing […]